FTM-400DRI’ve been looking for a mobile radio for my car for awhile. I didn’t want to jump into anything too quickly. I was willing to drop a few hundred dollars and wanted to make sure I ended up with something that I’d be happy with for years to come. After making a list of all the features I wanted, I made the final decision to purchase the Yaesu FTM-400DR.
It’s a dual band (2m/440) radio with cross band repeat. It supports APRS with a built-in GPS and supports a new digital voice mode by Yaesu. The touch screen makes it easy to enter in information like APRS messages, frequencies, and repeater names; just to name a few of it’s great features.
A big bonus is that it can be programmed from a Micro SD Card, so I don’t have to remove the radio from the car or program it from a laptop in the car. Everything can be done from my desktop and then be loaded from the card. This is an even bigger bonus as I picked up a FTM-400DR for Brianna as well. Updating both radios with matching information is lighting fast.
In addition, when using the digital voice mode with each other, we’re able to see each others call sign and the distance we are from one another. Very handy when driving separately but trying to get to the same location.
Overall, I’ve been very happy with the radio and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a dual band mobile radio that supports APRS out of the box.

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