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First 2.4Ghz QSO + AREDN

VOIP PhoneI just wrapped up my very first 2.4Ghz QSO! I made contact with Joe, N6JO using a Ubiquiti NanoStation M2 AP flashed with custom firmware created by the Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (AREDN) group.  Joe and I, along with a large group of other hams in the area, make up a wireless mesh network that exists throughout several of the cities in Northern San Diego county. Using this network, I was able to connect my VOIP phone to an Asterisk PBX system Joe has setup for the Oceanside CERT Communications Team. I was then able to place a call from my home in Vista all the way to Joe’s home in Oceanside, over six miles away!
I was a bit skeptical that a clear call would even be possible but to my surprise and delight, that QSO went very well with only minimal packet loss. I’m excited to see where this new form of communication leads!

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