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I had a need for quick and easy access to the US ham radio callsign database for a project I’m working. This data is freely available from the FCC but in a less than friendly data set. I ended up building a system for myself to quickly query that data and figured it might be useful for others as well, so was born. The database can be accessed in programmer-friendly formats (XML, JSON, CSV) or a user-friendly HTML front end.
After setup for US callsigns, I poked around the web for other countries that publish their amateur radio data and found Canada & Australia have daily updates. While Germany and Czech Republic offer monthly updates. So I added all of these counties to the database (with the help of KD6DL, thanks Daniel!). I’m on the look-out for callsign data so please let me know if there is other published information out there.
The goal for is to offer this data for free. No subscription fee, no account needed, no ads, no session id, and no lookup limits. Just free and easy!
Head over to and give it a spin and let me know what you think.

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