Greetings, my name is Jon and my call sign is KK6NLW. I hold an Extra class licesne and I’m the current President of the Tri-City Amateur Radio Club. In addition, I’m the club’s VE Team Leader and the Region 6 Cordinator (California & Hawaii) for the Laurel VEC.
You’ve found my little corner of the web dedicated to my interest in amateur radio. This site is my way of documenting the progress I’ve made within amateur radio and will hopefully serve as a reference to others in the future!
I started out in ham radio as a way to communicate more effectively while out in the wilderness when camping and jeeping. Experimenting a little with CB Radio, I found the performance to be underwhelming. At the suggestion of my father-in-law, Joe, KG6YQQ, both my wife Brianna, KK6NLV and I studied and earned our Technician licenses. Shortly after we upgraded to General and finally our Extra.
The rest, as they say is… history!

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  1. Bruce Hill

    fyi your email address was no on QRZ . .. but I think I remembered it correctly……..just in case – will take the radio for price mentioned if you still have it………TKS 73 – KU0V

  2. Alex

    Thank you so much for Baofeng -L info. I will repeat it next week.
    Please publish more projects for beginners!
    Thanks again !
    Alex, ki6eeo
    Los Angeles County

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