I've Got My Ticket!

My wife and I took our technician class exam at the Carlsbad’s Safety Center and passed with flying colors. We had since been checking the FCC database several times throughout the week to see what our call signs would be. As luck would have it, they were posted Friday, less then a week after taking the exam. Brianna is the proud new owner of KK6NLV and I of KK6NLW.
We’d been studying for about an hour a day for roughly two weeks; we both breezed through the exam with very little trouble. I would highly recommend skipping the books and use HamStudy.org (which is free), I used it exclusively and received a perfect score on my exam. I would read through all the questions for a section, then using the flash cards to drill the information until I got my overall score for a section to 90% or higher, then moved on to another section. I then took practice test after practice test until my exam date.
After seeing our call signs in the FCC database, I discreetly turn my wife’s radio on (we bought them early just to listen until we had our licenses). So my first official QSO (contact) was with her =)

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